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Chanel: Avec Amour.

Project scope: 3 day personal project, winter 2023 / 
Redesign of the iconic Chanel lip/foundation stick for modern markets and younger consumers.


Redesigned for young urban women, this aims to bring Chanel beauty products to a larger audience, using understated design and a lower price point, while retaining the air of sophistication and luxury that people come to expect from this legendary brand. 


Exploration for a historical brand.

Redesigning the lipstick and glowstick for a brand like Chanel poses many challenges.

How do you Incorporate a historical design language into a new package?...

During the sketch phase, I fell upon creating a form that's both invocative of Chanels history and simple, elegant beauty.

During mock ups, I found that the "aggressive" and "antique" models both drastically move away from the target audience.

The focus was finding a clean and modern design.

Taking a nod towards classic Chanel branding, I looked for ways to incorporate gold into the design.

Testing visual weight to find the correct balance for maximum visual impact.

CMF final_edited_edited_edited.png

What's left is a design that communicates Chanels past, with Chanels future. 




Glow stick