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Project scope: 13 week class project, Advanced materials and processes. / 
Manufacturing a robot for children with Autism.

Meet Oliver.

A smart robot that uses AI to help children with autism and other behavioral problems grow and strengthen their social abilities.

autism children source-01.jpg

Utilizing current technology, for future growth.

Oliver contains Body sense technology. 

This allows Oliver to read body language and adapt its behavior.

Combining body sense and chat GPT, Oliver can read both body language and communicate intelligently and adapt on the fly.

These technologies can be used therapeutically, to help grow a childs interpersonal skills.

Finding the perfect Oliver.

Looking for a soft and approachable design, Oliver should put a smile on any ones face.

Aghaie_A4 moodboard_Page_1.jpg
oliver sketch_edited.jpg

A robot for easy manufacture.

Easy assembly, reduced cost, an Oliver for everyone.

injection molding selection.jpg
CMF options.jpg
Wheel options.jpg

Slip fit assembly system reduces Oliver manufacturing time.

Three fun color choices!

Oliver upload.jpg

 to learn more about Oliver!





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