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Project scope: 6 week personal project, Spring 2023 / 
Tackling problems that content creators face with existing editing stations.

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Initial interviews with creators gave me insight on what's wrong with current editing stations.

"I don't like the mushy buttons"

"I don't like the software, it never really works well for me"

"The knobs have no Detents!"

"I wish I could replace the USB cord"

"Black on black color schemes are really hard to see when I'm editing"

"I want to replace the top case to make it more unique, you know? Like custom keyboards".

Problem 1.

"I find the black on black hard to see"


Solving the peripheral vision issue.

As users are focused on the main computer screen, their peripheral vision becomes "blurred" reducing contrast and detail, increasing chances of a mis-click.


Interface design + Iteration testing.

Using .Ai to create rapid HQ interface designs to do user testing.

Using Adobe Ai, I was able to rapidly iterate for a interface with maximum UX/UI.


Physical lay out mock ups in later testing expanded on the physical UX/UI challenges and helped with creating a solution.


During my testing, I was told "It would be nice to move things around!"

Problem 2.

How would Modularity work?


Once a final direction was selected, I began testing modularity.


The final result is a fully modular editing station for creatives and streamers.

Senior portfolio_edited_edited.jpg

for the full process!

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